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In addition to scouring used book stands on Sixth Avenue for signs and portents, Lizzie Skurnick, a critic, poet, essayist, blogger, author, and teacher, endeavors to perform regularly and with distinction in those fields previously mentioned. You can always find her most recent work in the “Elsewhere” column on Old Hag, or get news, press and essays from her work on young adult lit at Shelf Discoverys official website.

Reviews & Criticism
Skurnick’s reviews, essays and articles have appeared in and on such venues as The Daily Beast, NPR, Politics Daily, the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, Time (w/Vladimir Putin, yet!), O magazine, Bookforum, the New York Times, and, as suits a writer of her advanced age, many other publications she can no longer remember. Lately, she writes the “That Should Be A Word” column for One-Page feature in The New York Times Magazine, and recaps Real Housewife episodes for the LAT with a swiftness. She was recently named a Nonfiction Writer Under 40 by the New Haven Review, which is not only accurate but thrilling. She’s a former Vice-President of the Board of the National Book Critics Circle.

Skurnick’s once-weekly column on vintage YA literature, Fine Lines, for the website Jezebel, as well as an occasional column for same, Shelf Pleasuring, was made into the book Shelf Discovery, which is not soon to be a major motion picture, but Publishers Weekly did call “Wildly entertaining!”. You can find out all about it here, or friend it on Facebook. Skurnick’s story “Spectacle Pond” was recently included in Akashic’s Cape Cod Noir, and she has been featured in the anthologies Hey, Boo: Harper Lee and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird, The Tattooed Girl, and Vintage’s Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks of the Wild Web.

You are probably looking for this. But in less blue pursuits, Lizzie Skurnick is the author of the Pushcart Prize-nominated Check-In (Caketrain Books, 2005). Her poetry has appeared in the Iowa Review, Barrow Street, The New Haven Review, Pinch, the Delta Review, and the anthology Shade (Four Way Books, 2004). Her light verse was featured in a series, TimesCouplets, on NY magazine, in the book Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks of the Wild Web (Vintage, 2007) and and on NPR’s Weekend Edition. She is the recipient of fellowships from Yaddo, Ucross, the VCCA, Blue Mountain, and the AWP Summer Seminars and Sewanee writing conference. “Grand Central, Track 23” was recently animated for the Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Everywhere series. Skurnick, who received her BA from Yale in 1995 and her MA from the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars in 1999, rhymes, mostly.

Teaching and Appearances
Skurnick currently teaches courses in writing at New York University’s Gallatin School. She’s also taught in the Writing Seminars of the Johns Hopkins University, Adelphi, New Jersey City University, and others. She regularly presents/discourses/speechifies/moderates at schools, conferences, and elsewhere, and has appeared everywhere from the Brooklyn Book Festival to BEA to AWP to SXSW to the LATFOB to “Hey, Boo,” a documentary about To Kill A Mockingbird also featuring, literally, Oprah and Dan Rather, and excerpted in the book Scout, Atticus and Boo: A Celebration of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” To schedule an appearance, please contact her at theoldhag@theoldhag.com.

Review Copies
If you’d like to send us a book to consider for review, please send us a note at theoldhag@theoldhag.com for the current mailing address, which changes, it sometimes seems, bi-weekly. You can send cookies, too — ideally chocolate-chip.

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