A Winner’s Tale

Posted by Lizzie on 12/06/06

Once we cleared away all the people with whom we a) regularly break bread , b) grew up, c) have done naughty things, and d) are blog friends, we were left with a lively assortment of the non-nepotistically tainted, the harder to choose among, since we HAVE NOT READ any of the books in question and you’re all so *cute* to help me out, etc., etc., ad infinitum. We finally went with the lady (gentleman?) who had something we want right now, viz a cuppa tea. Please send address, cuppa, and you will receive our fave book of the year! Oh great and powerful Cotton-knower, you too will receive OH’s FAVORITE BOOK OF THE YEAR presently. The National Book Critics Circle also has good recommendations, although, Skloot, Freeman, tag for chrissakes. What is this, 1923?

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