The Searchers

Posted by Lizzie on 12/05/06

We’re going to tire of this back-end exploration* very soon, but since for reasons we can’t go into at present, we may be switching to the exploration of other back-ends** very soon, we wanted to take one last minute, pre-Xmas, to thank Old Hag readers for our welcome discovery: many of you come here for not completely perverted reasons. Which is to say, we thought items like “free videos of teen girls being spit roasted” (TRUTH) would make up the majority of our search strings, but we are very, very wrong. Some of you want to find out about books! Sorry about that. But, since December’s searches are, in their strange and fragile manner, in the words of our good friend, like “a beautiful poem”, we will post them below in the hopes that some of the OH readers who can read can help some of the other OH readers who apparently read. Back to Top Chef.

cliff notes for charm city by laura lippman ***
what piece does lizzy try to play at pemberley
jorie graham married
spare room portland poet
the main character in boys and girls by alice munro
busy person poem
has foetry closed
on beauty smith concert
literary blogs curtis sittenfeld
digging to america new yorker
mr darcy action figure
francine prose guided tours of hell book review
bloody mary does she really deserve the name ****
the secret charm of the kgb by author marjorie ross
cliff notes on the american psycho
bret easton ellis pdf
consider it brought *****
all saints and callanan
horses symbolism in boys and girls by alice munro
effect of child narrator in to kill a mockingbird
to kill a mockingbird-scout as a narrator
a most beloved sister darcy elizabeth casey
friends moving away poems not cheesy ******
alice mattison in case we re separated paperback
book critique summer guest by cronin
sniffing aspiring 1984 novelist us
doctor zhivago spoiler for the entire movie
special topics in calamity physics spoiler
when did the comic strip cathy firs debut


colin firth & hot
i love my husband more than i love ********


lizzie of old hag adam says hi ********

* Out. of. the. gutter.
*** For christ’s sake, what is it with you young people–are your brains set to go to sleep every fifteen minutes like the screen on your Dell? Just READ IT.
***** This is not literary, we just think it’s awesome.
****** Oooo! Carolyn Forche, “As Children Together.” You know, with fucking.
******* Really? Try:

******** Hi Adam

Thank you for your patience.

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