Also, many cute earrings

Posted by Lizzie on 01/16/07

neda.jpgIf you are not a) a New Yorker, b) a girl, c) someone who cares about jeans, or d) someone who cares about jeans, New York, girls, or caring, simply skip this post. But if you ARE, we must take one moment to sub-blog and inform you of the wonders of this Court Street store, where we witnessed not one but FIVE miracles today, FIVE, viz. our trying on five pairs of jeans–yes, ladies, five pairs–all of which not only fit, but were also two sizes too small, and LOOKED GOOD. It’s like a goddamned bizarro-world J. Crew flagship store. We kept thinking of the scene in The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe wherein Edmund, seduced by the White Witch, keeps eating Turkish delight and never gets full, not realizing his actions are complicit in imposing a permanent winter over the land. We are totally okay if Aslan or Atlantic Yards or the world or whatever has to get sacrificed over this.

Go ye forth, try on some jeans, and witness the wonders for yourself. Just don’t buy that red dress; we can’t decide if we want it.

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